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A Community Supported Agriculture farm is one of the best ways, outside of having your own garden, of being a ‘locavore’ and getting locally grown, fresh, in season, chemical and pesticide free vegetables. Information about CSAs in general and our CSA in particular can be found on the questions answered and delivery schedule pages.

Eating food that is available locally is not the way many people have become accustomed to living.

We like to say that the biggest difference between CSA and corporate eating is that with a large transnational food system you decide what you want to eat and then you go to the store and buy the food that has been shipped from all over the world necessary for your meal.  With a CSA the process is reversed.  As a CSA member you get your freshly picked, locally grown vegetables and then decide how you will cook them.

This might seem like stating the obvious but over the past 19 years of CSA farming we have had a number of people who signed up and then became very upset when tomatoes weren’t available in June, or when salad greens were unavailable in the heat of August. Look on our share history for an idea of what we have produced when. You will find eleven years of our growing history recorded.

Once you have gone over the questions answered page, look at the different size and types of shares and choose a pick up spot (this is tentative and you can change it later) on the delivery schedule page.

Once you have decided to become a member of our CSA (In the world of CSA’s members are called ‘shareholders’) for the 2016 season e-mail us at with this information.

Reserve a Share

  • Share prices will be prorated for people who join after the season begins

    Since most of a farmers' expenses are in the beginning of the season we are offering a 5% discount for those who pay the entire price by cash or check in one payment now. This means mailing Bull Run Mountain Farm a check for the entire share and extra price now.

    The second price is our regular price. This is for people who choose to pay by credit card or pay by cash/check in our traditional two installment method (half now to reserve the share and the other half by June 1)

  • If you are looking for a half season share, or multiple fruit and egg shares, let us know here.
  • When we receive your information we will write confirming you are a member for the 2016 season.

    Make the checks to either Leigh Hauter or Bull Run Mountain Farm.

    Our address is:
    Bull Run Mountain Vegetable Farm
    4362 Highpoint Ln.
    The Plains, VA 20198