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Share types and sizes

Vegetable shares

'A Peck' is a vegetable share designed for one person cooking alone.


'The Bunch' is a two person cooking together vegetable share.


'The Bushel' is for a four person household


* Share prices will be prorated for people who join after the season begins

Remember, since people have widely differing eating habits, the share sizes are still estimates and do not fit all. (One example of a difference is between a vegetarian who cooks at home every night compared to omnivore that tends to go out and eat at restaurants three or four nights a week.)

What we strive to do with the size of the shares if give you a good value of fresh, local, chemical free vegetables for the money..

Fruit shares
We do not grow this fruit. It is an add on for our vegetable shareholders who want local fruit.

Once a week, during the fruit season we drive out to Virginia's Rappahannock County and visiting several orchards, buy a van load of fruit. (Apples, peaches, pears, plums, nectarines, whatever fruit is ripe that week). And deliver it with our regular shares.

In July and August, this usually means peaches. In the fall, September and October, this means as many as a dozen different varieties of apples. In between we have found plums, nectarines, and pears. This year we might even have some raspberries and blackberries. For the most part, this fruit is not chemical free however we strive to buy from orchards who use minimal amounts of chemicals.

The fruit share is $110 for the entire season. The fruit share season begins in mid-July, when the peaches start ripening, and ends with a number of varieties of apples when our vegetable share comes to a close in October.

The share usually consists of between 8 and 12 pieces (more often 12 than not) of fruit each week. If we add berries we will blend it in with the fruit share at the same rate the peaches and apples have cost us.

Again, I should make the point clearly, this is local fruit and local fruit in Virginia largely means peaches from mid-July until the end of August and apples, apples, and more apples from September until the end of the season. Some of the variety of apples you’ll be eating are Golden Delicious, Virginia Golden, Lodi, Grimes, Macintosh, Empires, Ida Red, Jonathan, Red Delicious. Ozark Black, Stayman, Rome, Winesap, York, Granny Smith, Summer Mac plus more.

Egg shares
We have a limited number of half dozen egg shares available. These eggs mostly come from our pastured chickens. (We do supplement our eggs with those from a woman who organically raises chickens, egg and goats (cheese) in the southern part of Fauquier County). Our chickens are raised on pasture. We buy their supplemental feed from the local farmers coop.

$75 for half a dozen eggs each week during the delivery season plus a dozen or so eggs each time you come out to the farm during the non-delivery season.