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Tangy eggplant, bean and tomato salad

2 long, thin eggplants
10 cherry sized tomatoes, or a couple of large ones
1/2 pound green beans
2 tablespoons oyster sauce
4 teaspoons sugar
Thai basil (a few leaves or more, depending on your taste)
2 teaspoons lime juice
1 tablespoon peanuts
olive oil

Split and brush eggplants w/ olive oil. Grill or broil until lightly brown and soft, but still firm enough to cut up into bite-sized pieces.

Meanwhile, cut beans into 1-2 inch pieces. Cook in salted water or steam.

Slice tomatoes.

In a serving bowl, mix oyster sauce, sugar, lime juice and Thai basil until sugar is dissolved. Mix in tomatoes, beans and eggplant in sauce, and garnish w/ roasted peanuts. Serve with grilled chicken, fish, etc.

Serves 2-4 people
Recipe from Vanessa York

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