A Rainbow over Washington

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Did you see Tuesday’s rainbow?

This picture is taken from behind the Uptown theater looking east.

After taking the picture I got in the van and began the trip back to the farm, driving down Connecticut Ave.

At the same time the rainbow followed the road. As I stopped at that light in front of the zoo I looked and could see the one end, the end you see in the picture, had come to earth, very dramatically, up to the North East, near Takoma Park.

As the light changed I drove south towards Virginia, following Rock Creek, the other end of the rainbow (not the one coming to earth in the picture but the other end, the end to the piece in the picture arching skyward) appeared clearly curving back down toward earth.

And there, as I turned by the Watergate and up around the Kennedy Center, crossing the Potomac on the Roosevelt Bridge I glanced down river and almost stopped right there in the middle of traffic.

The other end of the rainbow, for a moment, I swear, had come to earth..

Even with the traffic, I should have stopped the van right there in the middle of the river and taken a picture of it. But look at the picture I did take. In your mind can’t you see it curving up through the sky and then coming down again, this time on the dome of Jefferson’s Memorial?

As I crossed the river and looked again the rainbow had moved on. It was no longer shinning on Jefferson’s Memorial but in the last few moments had moved further down the river.

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