Share History

Week Seven vegetables and fruit.

Week Seven  Vegetable and Fruit Share  (white and yellow peaches — Spaghetti Squash, summer squash, tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, hot peppers, garlic, eggplant, Italian basil, and a thyme or sage plant).                                                    

 Week Seven’s vegetable share.

Week Seven we picked over 3000 tomatoes.

A Rainbow over Washington

Did you see Tuesday’s rainbow?

This picture is taken from behind the Uptown theater looking east.

After taking the picture I got in the van and began the trip back to the farm, driving down Connecticut Ave.

At the same time the rainbow followed the road. As I stopped at that light in front of the zoo I looked and could see the one end, the end you see in the picture, had come to earth, very dramatically, up to the North East, near Takoma Park.

As the light changed I drove south towards Virginia, following Rock Creek, the other end of the rainbow (not the one coming to earth in the picture but the other end, the end to the piece in the picture arching skyward) appeared clearly curving back down toward earth.

And there, as I turned by the Watergate and up around the Kennedy Center, crossing the Potomac on the Roosevelt Bridge I glanced down river and almost stopped right there in the middle of traffic.

The other end of the rainbow, for a moment, I swear, had come to earth..

Even with the traffic, I should have stopped the van right there in the middle of the river and taken a picture of it. But look at the picture I did take. In your mind can’t you see it curving up through the sky and then coming down again, this time on the dome of Jefferson’s Memorial?

As I crossed the river and looked again the rainbow had moved on. It was no longer shinning on Jefferson’s Memorial but in the last few moments had moved further down the river.

Tuesday’s vegetable share (7-8-2014)

This is what today’s share will look like:
A couple small cauliflowers
a patty pan squash
bell peppers
handful of cherry tomatoes (later today we might instead pick tomatoes)
garlic scapes  (probably the last ones)
Thai basil
Italian basil
a red cabbage
stevia plant                   

What’s new for week Five?

 Bell Peppers growing inside  two of our hoophouses.

 Red  Cabbage.  We transplanted these seedlings out in the field back on April 15th.  The first  plants we put in the field after the last frost of the winter.

Sun Gold Cherry Tomatoes.  These are my favorite cherries.  A very sweet orange cherry tomato.  These are growing in the field by the barn.  Our hoophouse tomatoes are large and plentiful but have not started turning yet.

I didn’t take a picture yet  (the plants are far from the house) but we’ll start picking  Thai basil this week and maybe there are enough tomatilloes to go around. 

Week four 7-2-14

Week Four  July 2, 2014    Wednesday

Broccoli, Squash, Cucumbers, Garlic Scapes, Kohlrabi or Eggplant, Marjoram Plant, Cauliflower, Swiss Chard, Kale, Italian Basil

First three week’s of vegetables 6-9, week two 6-16, week three 6-23

Week 1   June 9, 2014
broccoli, garlic scapes, kohlrabi, baby onions, basil plant, mustard greens, pac choi, sorrel, Swiss chard.  Herbs oregano and chives

Week Two   June 16, 2014  summer squash, mustard greens, salad greens, Swiss chard, garlic scapes, radishes, pac choi, kohlrabi, a celosia flower in a 4″ pot  and the herbs – oregano  and catnip

Week Three   June 23, 2014   Summer squash, kohlrabi, garlic scape, mustard greens, lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, plant – oregano